Have you had deep questions your whole life

but not been able to find answers?


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
with Carol Brennan


QHHT is amazing because it allows people to heal themselves from issues that are affecting them in this life that possibly originated in a previous life or earlier in their current life. Each and every person holds the answers for themselves within themselves. I know firsthand how amazing it feels to release negative energy because I have personally experienced this during my own QHHT sessions.


My own challenges, including the death of my sister, sent me on a search that led me to Dolores Cannon. I was looking at various spiritual presentations on YouTube, and I happened upon some of her videos. After listening to her talks, I read her books. I knew then, and I know even more strongly now, since taking the Level 2 QHHT class, that QHHT is my personal path.

“My experience with Carol was wonderful! She’s a kind and gentle guide who is talented in the art of hypnosis and regression. I learned answers to my questions and left with much peace.”  Brenda, South Carolina

QHHT is a powerful partnership that helps you to:


  • Receive answers to long sought-after questions

  • Experience a greater self-awareness

  • Shift your limiting beliefs and realize your true potential

  • Open up your potential for a healing breakthrough

  • Find peace of mind and harmony in your life

  • Reduce worry and stress

  • Experience a deeper trust of life

  • Create more joy and fulfillment in your life

  • Gain a clearer understanding about why your life is the way it is

  • Receive knowledge and guidance about relationships, life circumstances, health issues, etc.

  • Establish a deeper connection with Source and your Higher Self