Passionate About Helping Others to Remember Who They Are

I was a registered nurse for forty-five years, my specialty being home health nursing. This allowed me to spend time with clients and support them with their emotional and spiritual needs as well as their physical needs. This, along with my background as a spiritual counselor and training in Reiki gave me skills that work extremely well with QHHT, allowing me to use my gifts and talents to provide life-changing healing for others. In addition, I have been on a spiritual path my entire life, so I feel quite at home doing these sessions. In fact, when I am with a client during a session, I feel as lifted up as the client does. It is a beautiful practice, and it enhances my life as a healer.

Carol made me feel very comfortable from beginning to end. Her energy is sweet, compassionate and knowledgeable. The QHHT session was an alternative natural healing and innerstanding journey I chose to take. Carol helped guide me through to my higher subconscious self. Through her studies of Dolores Cannon's methods, she brilliantly delivered a profound safe and loving path to help me gather clarity to my questions and to gain closer alignment with who I truly am. We are all infinite, interconnected and loved beyond measure. Thank you, Carol for your kind and wisdom filled guidance. Love and light to all." ~ Sabrina, North Carolina

My Mission 
My mission is to guide you toward a greater alignment with your Higher Self, to help you gain answers to your questions and facilitate awareness, insight, healing, and a greater sense of peace. 


My Vision 
My vision is to help people expand their awareness, raise vibrations and explore consciousness so that we may join together in helping our world evolve into a better place.


I was surprised at how kind and loving and accepting she was. She made me feel very safe and comfortable. She spent much time listening and understanding my questions for my hypnosis session. I was able to get the answers to all the questions I brought in. The session was very healing and impactful. I am looking forward to working with her again. Thank you, Carol, for your beautiful spirit and healing energy. ~ HD, North Carolina

Why You Might Want to Work With Me
  • I have a background in nursing, Reiki, spiritual counseling.

  • I'm a certified Level 2 QHHT practitioner.

  • I welcome people who are at a major turning point in their lives and are feeling stuck.

  • I see myself as a gentle and compassionate facilitator and guide.

  • I never get tired of listening to people’s stories.

  • I assist you in shifting into a higher state of awareness and making contact with your Higher Self via the QHHT session.

  • I help you see what is hidden, remove the blinders and gain answers to deeply held questions.