Your QHHT Session

The QHHT Process

The primary purpose of your QHHT session is to access your Higher Self, without the usual distractions of daily life. The session can be broken down into eight parts:

  1. Preliminary Discussion – We interview each other so that I get to know more about you, and you feel comfortable about working with me.

  2. Hypnotic Induction and Trance – Using a simple relaxation induction, I guide you into a relaxing state of hypnosis.

  3. Past Life Exploration – Your Higher Self chooses the life that we will examine together, and we explore that life together, looking for anything that may be impacting your current life.

  4. Conversation with Your Higher Self – Using the list of questions you prepared, I ask your Higher Self to provide you with answers.

  5. Body Scan – I invite your Higher Self to do a body scan from head-to-toe to see which areas need energetic healing or realignment. 

  6. Exiting the Trance – I guide you to gently come out of the trance and return to a wakeful state refreshed and peaceful.

  7. Talking About Your Session – We spend some time talking about your session, reflecting on what you remember and what stood out for you. It is at this time that I also provide you with a recording to take home so you can listen to it as many times as you wish.

  8. Integration – It may take several days or even weeks to fully integrate your session. Be gentle with yourself during this time as you let the new insights and awareness settle and you integrate any inner changes that have taken place.